CALL KEN: 425-260-0315


CALL KEN: 425-260-0315

Looking for a completely new, exciting, and memorable highlight for your next event?

Zipline Junky has it all. We have combined our professional interactive team with the most exciting and innovative technology in entertainment equipment today. Whether you’re 5 years old or 85 years young this is one of the most fun and exciting activities you will ever do! Ziplining is a sure way to bring your event to the next level and provide an unforgettable experience your guests will never forget.

This zip line is a completely self-contained trailer unit that is brought directly to you. Our team sets up the commercially built, professionally engineered, and state certified MOBILE VERTICAL REALITY ZIPLINE in TWO hours or less. When set up, the launch station or crow’s nest stands a towering 26 feet tall with dual zip lines for 2 at a time participation. The length of the zipline can be adjusted to fit your event ranging from 70 feet to 220 feet, and can be extended to 1000 ft. if space allows.

All participants are safely harnessed and then hike a staircase up to the crow’s nest, 26 ft in the air. They are then attached to the Zipline by our trained team via a redundant safety pulley and prepared for launch. Two at a time can zip side by side so not only can they enjoy the ride but also their partner’s expressions while in flight. The safety doors are opened and the real thrill begins. Flying through the air, reaching over 20 MPH, they gradually come to a stop using state of the art Zip Stop Technology.  The smiles, laughter and occasional squeals say it all!

From set up to tear-down, we handle all the necessary logistics to make sure EVERYONE has an unforgettable experience on the Zip Line.  Our professionally trained staff will interact, encourage and have fun with all of the guests at your event.

Our Zip Line would be an amazing addition to any event, whether it is a town festival, a college carnival, a corporate picnic or any event where you want the guests to be WOWED, and go home talking about the great time they had!

ADVERTISING POTENTIAL:  The zip line tower is about 26 ft high and horizontal banners can be hung on 3 sides of the zip line tower to advertise your company, product or event!  Banners can be seen from a far distance!